Contact Center Pipeline Magazine Inside Our January 2017 Issue

Special highlights in our January issue include our feature article where 17 industry leaders offer their insights on 2017.

You will also find the survey findings of the industry’s top priorities and challenges for 2017, a survey project conducted with Strategic Contact. This is the follow-up to our widely read 2016 report with year-to-year comparisons.

We are also pleased to announce this month a new column for 2017, HealthCare Corner. Kathleen Peterson shares her insights on the changing healthcare environment and the requirements that business leaders must address.

The January issue covers a wide range of topics that addresses our challenges and priorities. Here is what you’ll find:


The Year Ahead: 17 on ’17
By Susan Hash
It’s the start of a brand-new year. What’s happening in the near future for contact centers? What should we keep an eye on in the next 12 months? We asked 17 industry experts to share their thoughts.

Looking Ahead to 2020
By Jay Minnucci
With the end of the decade now in sight, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead and identify three key people, process and technology trends that may impact your contact center by 2020.

Working Together to Optimize Technology
By Lori Bocklund
Whether pursuing exciting new technology or refreshing existing systems, IT and the contact center need to work together to deliver better outcomes. A look at impactful changes that can help you get more for your time and money.

Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2017
By Lori Bocklund
Recent survey findings reveal the latest challenges and priorities facing contact centers in 2017. A follow-up to the widely read 2016 report with year-to-year comparisons.


Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent Disengagement, Part 1
By John Goodman
Many companies operate under a false set of assumptions about agent retention and the impact on service quality. A look at the most common misconceptions held by different sets of executives.

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: The Contact Center as Strategic Asset
By Kathleen M. Peterson
In this premier article of a new series, Kathleen Peterson reviews the changing healthcare environment and the requirements that business leaders must address. She introduces an approach for translating strategy to tactics.

4 Ways to Maintain a Good Customer Experience During Collections
By Gary Dorman
Providing quality customer service shouldn’t stop when a customer falls behind on payments.

A Predilection for Predictive Predictions
By Paul Stockford
Of all the technology solutions that will affect the contact center in 2017, the one that will have the greatest impact is predictive analytics.

Make the Smart Move to Medford, Oregon
By Bill Hoke
Location, strong industry growth and incentives make Medford, Oregon, a leading candidate for site selection.

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