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Implementation of Contact Center Technology

Fast Implementation with Success

Look up “hasty” and you will find synonyms that convey speed and quickness next to others with less flattering connotations: injudicious, thoughtless, impulsive, and...
Cloud Ushers in New Rules for Contact Center Technology Selection

Cloud Ushers in “New Rules” for Technology Selection

Procurement processes are undergoing change in concert with the revolution ushered in by cloud solutions. Buyers want the benefits of advanced technology without the...
Four Things to Ask Before Choosing A Contact Center Provider by Intelepeer

Don’t Settle: 4 Things to Ask Before Choosing A Contact Center Provider

Choosing a new contact center solution is a big investment that will affect your everyday operations and the experience you provide to your customers....
A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers

Quick Tip: Try a Phased Approach to Tech Implementation

What is a common issue that prevents organizations from realizing the full value of their contact center technology investment? Usually, when a new contact...

The Three Ms of Implementation

Three management factors play a key role in technology implementation success: Project, Change and Vendor Management. Most organizations focus on project management (PM)—the discipline of...

Top 5 Posts in August

Our five top posts in August covered a range of topics—from tips to improve agent engagement during new-hire training to the impact that video...
Training Aligned

Don’t Shortchange Technology Implementation

Too often, the pursuit of technology is driven by speed and constrained by resources. Experience shows this to be a bad combination. Getting implementation right...
contact center technology misses

Top 5 Reasons Contact Centers Miss the Mark on Technology Implementation and Support

Contact centers rely on technology to meet their business goals, manage their operations, and interact with customers in a variety of media. Unfortunately, they...