A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers
Illustration By Dan Hetteix

What is a common issue that prevents organizations from realizing the full value of their contact center technology investment?

Usually, when a new contact center solution is deployed, all of the tools are made available by the go-live date. In this type of scenario, end-users (i.e., contact center management) are typically trained on how to use all of the tools in advance, and then left on their own to make the best use of them.

“What we’ve learned over the years is that, if we provide all the tools upfront, they’re not going to use everything. They’re going to use either what they’re already comfortable with or focus on the biggest pain point in their contact center,” says Debbie Draper, VP Professional Services, inContact. 

Practical Tips for Call CentersPractical pointer: Draper recommends a phased implementation approach that focuses on adding one or two tools at a time—usually with a week or more in between deployments. “We gather one to three weeks’ worth of data so that we can have true data to show the management team and help them to understand some of the things that they can do within their ACD and IVR, or with agent training. We walk them through 
the reports so that it ties back to their business needs.”