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Video Interview with Kristi Holcombe, Director of Workforce Management, Travelers

Executive Talk: Kristi Holcombe, Travelers

In this Executive Talk interview, I had an opportunity to chat with Kristi Holcombe, Director of Workforce Management at Travelers. Kristi has over 20...
Contact Center Leaders Creating Actionable Knowledge

Creating Actionable Knowledge

The amount of information that contact center leaders have access to is phenomenal. We live with it every day, so we tend to take...

Top 5 Posts in July

Our top blog post in July offered insights from AllStaff’s Eric Berg about customers’ views of offshore contact centers—why offshore centers have an image...
Rethinking Contact Center Metrics

Rethinking Contact Center Metrics: The Problem with Averages

While the contact center environment has evolved a great deal over the past decades, some metrics have not. Many centers focus on metrics that...