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Leading with Empathy, November 2020 Feature

Leading with Empathy: Demonstrate Understanding, Care and Compassion for Customers and Employees

Everyone could use a little more empathy these days. The desire to feel heard and understood is a basic human need, and one that...
Leading with Empathy, November 2020 Feature

Why Empathy in Leadership Matters

A 2019 study conducted by Businessolver shows that, although 80% of employees believe that organizations need to be more empathetic, only 57% of CEOs...
New hire retention

A Tool to Drive New-Hire Engagement and Retention

Given the importance of the supervisor-employee relationship, what steps can companies take to ensure that frontline managers support new-hires through this critical period and...
Promoting a Culture of Recognition

Promoting a Culture of Recognition

Do you have a culture of retention or turnover? Do your employees feel like they are on a progressive journey, or that the foot...
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