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Susan Hash is the Editor of Contact Center Pipeline magazine and the Pipeline blog. She is a veteran business journalist with 25 years of specialized experience writing about customer care and contact centers.

Inside View: Manuel Felix, Listen Up Español

Comic book legend Stan Lee described a superhero as someone who possesses an exceptional power and uses it to accomplish good deeds. While Lee’s...
Provide Social Customer Care Agents with Situation Guidelines for the Contact Call Center

Provide Social Customer Care Agents with Situation Guidelines

While a good social service training program provides agents with a basic understanding of how social media works and the differences for engagement among the...
Use Daily Rewards to Drive Desired Behavior in your Contact Center Agents

Use Daily Rewards to Drive Desired Behavior

Incentives can be a valuable tool for reinforcing the right behaviors in your staff. The key to using incentives properly is to ensure continuous...
A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers

Quick Tip: Recognition for Schedule Performance

Programs that offer honor and prestige for top performance not only inspire employees to reach for higher goals, they help to create a positive...
Contact Center Self Service as a Customer Satisfying Experience

Culture: Work at Developing Good Habits

Creating a positive culture doesn’t happen overnight. But managers can learn how to be more positive. “Happiness is a skill,” says culture coach JoAnna...
A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers

Quick Tip: Why Do Agents Join?

New-hire surveys can help to identify the breakdowns in trust that can occur early on when new agents decide that the job is not...

Involve Agents in the Scheduling Process

You can significantly reduce tardiness, absenteeism and employee dissatisfaction by getting frontline agents involved in developing new schedules, says Tiffany LaReau, Pipeline author and...
Key Drivers Contact Center Agent Engagement

4 Key Drivers of Agent Engagement

What is it that makes the agents in certain contact centers especially enthusiastic about their jobs and more committed to delivering a high-quality customer...

The Most Important Relationship for New-Hires

Study after study has highlighted the fact that employees don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses. The relationship that new-hires form with their managers...
The Power of Collaboration in the Contact Call Center

Technology to Empower Agents: Intelligent Desktops

An empowered work environment is one in which agents have a sense of ownership over their work and the right tools to do their...
A key consideration for your social customer service team

Giving Customers a Voice in Quality Monitoring

The voice of the customer is a valuable resource for improving agent performance and customer satisfaction. Incorporating customer feedback into the quality monitoring process...
Look Beyond Post Call Surveys to Measure Customer Experience across Multiple Touchpoints

Look Beyond Surveys to Measure Customer Experience

Contact centers typically rely on post-call surveys to gather valuable feedback from the customer's viewpoint. But how do you measure a customer experience that...