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Susan Hash is the Editorial Director of Contact Center Pipeline magazine and the Pipeline blog. She is a veteran business journalist with 28 years of specialized experience writing about customer care and contact centers.

Inside View: NCR Silver

One of the advantages of a small startup business is the flexibility to quickly adapt and respond to your customers’ needs. On the other...
VoC: Pinpoint the Calls that Matter

VoC: Pinpoint the Calls That Matter Most

One of the key advantages of a voice of the customer (VoC) platform over a traditional quality monitoring (QM) program is the ability to...
Empowerment drives continuous improvement mindset

Empowerment Drives Continuous Improvement Mindset

We operate in a fast-changing business environment. The processes that work well today can quickly become unwieldy and undercut your center’s performance tomorrow. Leading-edge...

A Glimpse Inside: Berlin Packaging

In this month’s Inside View column, Berlin Packaging’s Senior Manager of Business Development and Strategy Paul Mansour discusses how the company’s rapid growth through...
Communicating-with-global-team Graphic

Tips for Communicating with a Global Team

Globalization has become a key growth driver for many organizations—and it’s a trend that will continue to increase. Research by The Hackett Group has...
Mobile Self Service

Empower Customers with Mobile Self-Service

Many customers prefer to forgo the human interaction and opt to self-serve through a company’s website or IVR system. The rapidly growing popularity of...
New hire retention

A Tool to Drive New-Hire Engagement and Retention

Given the importance of the supervisor-employee relationship, what steps can companies take to ensure that frontline managers support new-hires through this critical period and...
Home Agents

Home Agents: 4 Tips for Building a Cohesive Team Culture

Over time, all work groups develop norms, which are the rules and expectations (either formally or informally established) that guide the team members’ behaviors....
Frontline Coaches

Frontline Coaches: Ask Don’t Tell

Despite the critical role that they play in employee satisfaction and retention, frontline supervisors often are not provided with the training on how to drive...

Co-Create an Experience that Customers Value

What is often missing during the development of the customer experience strategy is the main element: the customer. Making assumptions about what customers value...
Keeping Core Values

Keeping Core Values Top of Mind

How do you get your entire company to support and live your core values? By engaging staff and leaders in defining what your organization...
Training Aligned

Is Your Contact Center Training Aligned with Organizational Goals?

It’s an unfortunate reality in many companies that staff development becomes an easy target anytime the budget needs to be tightened. Once training resources...
Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Is your current recruiting and hiring strategy the same one that’s been in place for the past five or 10 years? If so, you’ve...

Taking a Long-Term View of Culture Change

Employees at Sutter Physician Services, an affiliate of Sutter Health, say that it’s a great place to work—and high ratings from its employee experience...
End to End

3 Tips for Driving Process Excellence

Identifying the barriers that lead to a poor customer experience (and increased traffic to the call center) requires an enterprisewide review of customer touchpoints...

Communicating Customer-Centric Change

Becoming a customer-centric organization typically requires a culture change that must be driven from the top. A collaborative approach that involves a close partnership...
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