Top 5 Posts in October

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

Happy Halloween! We have plenty of treats in store for Pipeline readers with this collection of articles offering vital intelligence on industry trends, strategic leadership insights and practical advice for managing your contact center. Welcome to our Top 5 most-read blog posts in October!

KISS Method: “Keep it Simple with Speech”
Speech analytics has gone from a trendy, cool technology to an essential software that reveals insights into customer-agent interactions. Speech solutions provide the tools necessary to capture, organize and analyze unstructured information to make insights actionable.

The Latest Trends in Quality Assurance
I hated receiving quality assurance (QA) evaluations when I was an agent. Even though I got a good score, the process was based on strict adherence to procedures. Everything was black and white: Did I use the customer’s name three times? Did I verify their password? Did I remember to use the proper call identification code? It was the perfect example of old-fashioned, compliance-based scoring.

Voice in the Contact Center: The Heart of the Matter
On his third solo album, The End of the Innocence, former Eagles drummer and singer Don Henley recorded a song called “The Heart of the Matter.” Originally written by Mike Campbell, who was a guitar player and principal songwriter in Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers band, Henley first heard the song during a visit to Campbell’s home studio. He took the song and, along with longtime Eagles collaborator J.D. Southern, added some words and made the song his own. The best thing about the song, according to original writer Campbell, was “a lot of girls like it.”

Who Owns the Customer Experience?
Consider this scenario: “Lisa” has landed a new role leading a customer experience (CX) program. As a first-time CX practitioner, Lisa decides that her first order of business should be to identify the quick wins, so she begins to tackle customer problems already well known within the organization.

Customer Experience… Mystery, Myth, Mission or Magic?
Everyone is talking about it—promising it, claiming it and marketing it. But what is the customer experience really? Is it a mystery, a myth, a mission or simply magic? Considering the fact that we are bombarded by customer experience rhetoric, one might imagine that there is tremendous clarity around exactly what it is. Right? No, wrong! In my experience, the ability for organizations to define in specific terms what the customer experience actually means in either strategic or tactical terms is woefully limited. For many, it actually appears to be more like a mystery than a strategy.