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Highlights from the 2019 Challenges and Priorities Survey

With nearly 300 participants, Strategic Contact and Contact Center Pipeline proudly report the findings from our fourth annual Challenges and Priorities Survey. Here are...
The Ball is in Your Court

The Ball Is in Your Court

I have had this idiom tossed my way any number of times by my parents, my children, my husband, my bosses and my colleagues....
Planning in the Contact Center

Plan and Measure = Pleasure

Like all humans, contact center leaders are driven by the brain’s insatiable desire to experience PLEASURE and in so doing avoid PAIN! I think...
Tips to improve attitude of your Contact Center Staff

Garbage In, Garbage Out… Makes Contact Center Managers Want to Shout!

Remember Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street”? For some reason, he was our son Brendan’s favorite character. He even had an Oscar the Grouch...
Contact Center Priorities

Differentiator Series, Part 4: Nailing Priorities

We have reached the fourth installment of our five-part series on how the best contact centers differentiate themselves. (Be sure to read the previous...
Plan for Technology Change in the Call Center

Plan For Change

We love to conduct technology strategy projects and have shared how important we think those are for contact centers. We emphasize alignment of technology...