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Balancing Skills-based Routing in the Contact Center

The SBR Balancing Act

Skills-based Routing (SBR) is a feature found on any ACD today, and it’s been around for over 30 years. It is so common, in...

Top 5 Posts in May

Our top 5 most-read posts in May offer valuable insights, recommendations and tips on managing contact center people, processes and technology. Dive in to...
The Ugly Truth About Call Center Agent Occupancy

The Ugly Truth About Agent Occupancy (Or Why 85% May Be Too Low)

All my talk about Occupancy makes me realize two things: First, many people may not know what exactly it is. Second, they may not...

Multitasking and Long-Term Planning

Multitasking in the call center is all the rage now. Over the last decade I’ve seen tools that automate simple work, can route any...