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How to Implement CCPA

How to Implement CCPA Without Impacting Customer Service

One of the realities of working in customer service today is that you probably handle a significant amount of customer data on a daily...

Balancing Customer Experience with Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

Cybercriminals exposed 2.8 billion consumer data records in 2018. Breaches have given fraudsters an immense amount of data to work with. Criminals are taking...
Protecting Customer Data in the Contact Center

Protecting Customer Data, Part 1: Balancing Customer Friction & Fraud Prevention

Businesses are facing ever-increasing risks of fraud and cybercrime. Every day brings more reports of security breaches and compromised customer data. Cybercriminals are clever...
Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

Build Your Strategy for Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Optimizing authentication and preventing fraud are hot topics in the industry. Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) has been the approach for most centers until now;...