Top 5 Posts in February

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

February may have been short on days, but it wasn’t lacking useful content for running your contact center operation. Popular posts in the past month included topics on training tools, WFM tips to ensure schedule compliance, a look at key technologies at the top of every contact center’s must-have list, interesting findings from our recent Challenges and Priorities survey, and a powerful perspective on the economic impact of health care on frontline employees.

Innovative Training for the Contact Center
Frontline agents are under pressure to perform in a role that has become increasingly challenging due to more complex products and services, constantly updating information, and an internet-savvy, informed customer base. It takes a lot of knowledge and confidence to deliver a quality service experience on a call-by-call basis under such circumstances, even for seasoned agents

How to Make Contact Center Schedules Compliant
We spend a lot of time talking about schedule compliance, but that conversation is usually restricted to how well agents adhere to their own schedules, how to encourage agents to show up on time and stick to their schedules, and how best to reward them when they actually work their assigned schedules. We work hard to come up with schedules that will meet call center goals while matching the agents’ preferences, but there’s another layer to schedule compliance and that is making sure the scheduling rules are in line with state laws and company policy.

Four Key Contact Center Technologies for 2019
As we end 2018 and reflect on what’s ahead in 2019, it seems like a good time to think about what’s new and what’s next in contact center technology. My team of consultants identified the top things we see dominating contact center technology discussions. I’m going to highlight four key technology areas in this post.

Highlights from the 2019 Challenges and Priorities Survey
With nearly 300 participants, Strategic Contact and Contact Center Pipeline proudly report the findings from our fourth annual Challenges and Priorities Survey. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite.

It All Begins with Good Health
If you’re reading this article on the Contact Center Pipeline blog, chances are you are in management or an executive and that sufficient health care has never been an issue for you or your family. That may be presumptuous, but it highlights the divisions by economic class Americans face today, something we hear about more and more. Unfortunately, since we all live and are served by a profit-based health care system, the benefits we receive are largely dependent on how much we are worth—either in our net worth or in our worth to our employers.