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As consumers, it becomes obvious who really goes the extra mile. We hear stories all the time of companies pulling out all the stops to satisfy and delight their consumers. In some industries it feels a little easier to achieve these results, showcase them and share across social media. That is certainly not the case when it comes to healthcare. Putting industries laws and regulations aside, this may be one of the hardest types of consumers to please.

Cippy Seidler, Director, Consumer Care Center, Banner Health

This month, we caught up with Cippy Seidler, Director, Consumer Care Center with Banner Health. Banner Health is one of the largest, nonprofit health care systems in the country. In her role, she is responsible for driving performance across multiple service lines. Cippy is an enthusiastic and engaged leader focused on providing a high-level customer experience through employee engagement and a commitment to excellence. She has a strong background developing and delivering employee and leadership training with a focus on customer relations and sales. Talk with her and you will instantly see that she truly LOVES her job.

Cippy’s business philosophy is to embrace every challenge as an opportunity, approach it with enthusiasm, an open mind and a desire to make a positive difference. She runs lean and mean with her team of social customer care. They have created a celebrated platform for the organization. They actively listen and respond to engage with their consumers. This channel has been thoughtfully designed with a clear voice that accurately represents Banner Health in the marketplace. Their team also works crossfunctionally with other departments within the organization to make sure they are prepared to respond to any new changes in policies, legislations or updates related to healthcare. They want to be at the ready should a social media storm erupt.

She firmly believes is it absolutely critical to not only listen to the positive comments but actively respond and address the negative ones as well. Engaging in a dialogue that is timely, responsive and personalized is a top priority. Properly leveraging this channel has led to higher levels of consumer satisfaction and trust. Consumers want their voices to be heard. Cippy’s dedicated team has worked tirelessly to make this happen. This has certainly paid off. Banner Health has been consistently recognized as an Industry Leader.
Banner Health embraces a theme of Customer Obsession. Customer Obsession is one of values that define the culture at Banner Health. Cippy and her team look forward to continuing the social dialogue and making sure that their actions and behaviors mirror the company’s values.

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