Illustration by Eric Jackson

Take a look at our top five blog posts for the month to see which topics your fellow contact center professionals were most interested in—insights from the frontline on how to improve engagement; positioning the center as an enterprise strategic asset; tools to optimize recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training; recent research on consumer preferences for digital vs. human customer service; and a frew WFM tasks that need to be done by a human.

5 Ways to Improve Engagement
Universities, consultants, authors and experts all have a lot to say about employee engagement. The attention paid to this topic is encouraging, as it is a critical ingredient in a high-performing company. The best insight, though, does not come from the experts. It comes right from the source—the employees themselves.

Food for Thought… Promote Your Contact Center’s Visibility
Food for thought … an idea or issue to ponder.” I think we all need some new “food for thought” at this time of year. There is a serious issue that contact center leaders must take charge of—the inevitable transition to positioning the center as an enterprise strategic asset rather than a factory-like, back-room operation.

Reduce Early Turnover with the Latest Tools
Many centers struggle to find the right frontline staff, and then suffer further when hirees don’t show up for training, quit during training, or quickly determine this job isn’t for them. The company invests significant time and money in the process with nothing but an FTE gap to show for it.

Human Touch Still Preferred for Customer Service
Recent research shows that, despite the rise in digital customer service channels and options, 79% of consumers prefer that the human touch remain part of customer service when engaging with brands and service providers.

5 WFM Things You Have to Do by Hand
I’m a gadget guy. If it beeps, blinks or pretends to make life easier after following the 115-step setup guide, I want it! I love WFM systems and how they make scheduling much faster and more effective. And when it comes to process, one of my big mantras is “reduce or remove manual touches.” But there are a few things that just need the tender touch of our gooey little fingers to make them come out just right.