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July 2019 Feature Cover Image, Contact Center Pipeline

On-Demand Is in Demand: Online Talent Platforms Are Shaping the Future of Work

Say what you will about the gig economy, the concept holds high appeal for contact center agents who crave more control over their schedules....
Contact Center Schedule Adherence

Revisiting Contact Center Schedule Adherence

When you find someone in a contact center who is passionate about schedule adherence, it’s a good bet he/she is (or once was) a...
Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the Contact Center

Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the Contact Center

Although there is some difference of opinion about exactly what the term “work-life balance” means, Dolly Parton, in her classic comedy “9 to 5,”...

Inside View: Delta Vacations’ Customer Engagement Center

Most companies—and contact centers—have traditionally operated on the principle that the rules of the workplace always outweigh the needs of employees. Few companies have...