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Inside View, Debbie Nagy, Dow Jones & Co

Inside View: Debbie Nagy, Dow Jones & Co.

Do you ever stop to think about why a particular individual stands out in his or her profession? Many might point to qualities like...
Inside View Jerri Pigg-Shoemake

Inside View: Jerri Pigg-Shoemake, WPS Government Health Administrators

In the complex world of Medicare administration, no one understands the need to deliver quick, accurate and up-to-date information to program providers better than...

Inside View: Kayla Adair, DiCentral Corporation

A crucial part of every company’s sales and service process takes place behind the scenes where a team of talented professionals helps to make...
4 Characteristics of Best-in-Class Contact Centers

4 Characteristics of Best-in-Class Contact Centers

What does it take to deliver standout customer service? It’s a question on the minds of many business leaders since customer experience trumps price...

Inside View: Kristine Hartkopf, Freeman

Kristine Hartkopf’s customer service career trajectory is inspirational. It’s a perfect example of the potential for professional development that the contact center environment can...

Inside View: MOO

Online print and design company MOO launched in 2006 with a compelling vision: To disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry by delivering cost-effective yet...

Inside View: Manuel Felix, Listen Up Español

Comic book legend Stan Lee described a superhero as someone who possesses an exceptional power and uses it to accomplish good deeds. While Lee’s...

Inside View: Award-Winning Managers

What defines best-in-class performance? ICMI recently announced the finalists for its Global Contact Center Awards Program. The winners in each of the 12 categories...
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