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Old phone showing death of customer service hotline

Why Customers Must Be Allowed to Speak to Your Company

One of the best, most insightful articles on customer service I’ve read in some time - one that pinpoints the inherent conflict or dialectic between investing in excellent customer service and keeping costs low...
CX Disaster Recovery Customer Experience Part 2

Apologies Are Great. But Actions Are Needed.

When the customer experience (CX) fails, both the product and the service, but critically the customer service (see my recent blog No Excuses for Poor Disaster CX), there are essential steps to take to...
Work from Home…a Privilege?

Work from Home…a Privilege?

Dear Contact Center Pipeline bloggers, I read this article this morning about Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks saying he is annoyed that workers aren’t in the office and is “ordering” employees to return to the...
CX Disaster Recovery Customer Experience

No Excuses for Poor Disaster CX

Disasters, like the recent holiday storms, are inevitable. How you plan, respond, but most critically inform and communicate with your employees and customers is what counts. This isn’t rocket science. And it is the foundation...
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