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Lori Bocklund is the Founder and President of Strategic Contact. With over 25 years of experience in the contact center industry, she brings an extensive knowledge of technologies, processes, and organizational structures to each client engagement and solves real business challenges. She's a widely published author and regular speaker at industry conferences.​ Lori is the 2015 recipient of the International Customer Management Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Reduce early turnover with the latest call center tools

Reduce Early Turnover with the Latest Tools

Many centers struggle to find the right frontline staff, and then suffer further when hirees don’t show up for training, quit during training, or...
Credit Union Contact Center Survey Results

Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey: The Results Are In

Credit union call centers are between a rock and a hard place. They recognize the need to raise their standards of service in response...
contact center cloud solutions need statement of work

Cloud-based Solutions Need a Good SOW

The cloud is a strong contender for contact center technology today, and the market hype makes it look as simple as buying a mobile...
Call Center Knowledge Management

Why Contact Centers Like Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud vendors capitalize on a message of “fast and easy.” Get it installed quickly—as short as hours (or days). Easy goes hand-in-hand with speed....
Realities of technology for the small center, including cloud, suites and managed services

Technology for the Small Center

Every small center aspires to deliver good (or great!) service to customers and offer a good (or great!) place for employees to work. The...
Call Center Authentication and Routing

Taking a Fresh Look at Authentication and Routing

Any center that is truly focused on the customer has to solve a difficult dilemma: make prompts and authentication simple, ensure security requirements are...
Review of Niche Technologies in the Call Center

Some Nice Niche Technologies

Mainstream technologies get a lot of press. As the backbone of contact center operations, they’re on everyone’s radar and they need to function at...
Call Center Managed Technology Service Tips

Managed Services: Easy to Want, Hard to Buy

Managed services (MS) are easy to want given the desire to lessen reliance on IT, add agility, secure specialty expertise and/or change cost structures....

The Three Ms of Implementation

Three management factors play a key role in technology implementation success: Project, Change and Vendor Management. Most organizations focus on project management (PM)—the discipline of...
Tips for Technology Selection in the Call Center

Technology Selection at Today’s Speed

While supporting our clients in technology vendor selection, we find that many companies have limited time and resources to spend performing due diligence through...
WFM Budget Prep

State of the WFO Industry

Workforce Optimization (WFO) technology has been a hotbed of activity as buyers and users clamor for new tools and seek to get more out...
3 Contact Center Technology Tips for Better Assisted Self Service

3 Technology Enablers Make Assisted Service Shine

Most centers have done an admirable job providing options for customers to self-serve. In fact, they’d love it if customers could handle all of...