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Kathleen M. Peterson is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of PowerHouse Consulting, Kathleen is an acclaimed Contact Center consultant and recognized industry visionary. She offers a refreshing and sometimes challenging philosophy to positioning the Contact Center as the true lifeline of the enterprise—believing that vision, brand, leadership and execution combine to deliver a powerful customer experience. Kathleen has emerged as one of the most sought-after experts and consulting partner in the field of customer experience working with the world’s top customer-focused companies, and is published widely in the most prestigious industry journals in the U.S. and abroad. As a featured speaker at conferences and Fortune 500 companies, she has shared her humor, knowledge, and experience across four continents, including Contact Center conference keynotes in the United States, London, Paris, Turkey, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Kathleen also served as Conference Chair for the North American Conference on Customer Service Management.
Contact Center C-Level to Cube-Level

Lost in the Labyrinth: C-Level to Cube-Level… Making the Link

Success will come at the C-level when it is realized that the contact center is no longer simply a source of implementing technology and...
Contact Centers are Revenue Engines

Lost in the Labyrinth: If Information is Currency, Contact Centers are Revenue Engines

In this installment of the Lost in the Labyrinth series, I position the contact center as the enterprise “fuel” for revenue engines and the...
Contact Center Customers Want Out!

Lost in the Labyrinth… Customers Want Out!

This is my own personal idiom… and it will be the basis of my Idiom Insights columns for 2018. The contact center industry is...
Fish or Cut Bait... Don't Procrastinate in the Contact Center

“Fish or Cut Bait” Is Idiom Speak for “Don’t Procrastinate!”

“Fish or cut bait” is of U.S. origin and, of course, derives from the sport of fishing. Cutting bait is a straightforward literal term...
Quality and Clarity in Contact Center Communication

Quality and Clarity: Passing and Receiving the Communication Baton

Passing the baton” refers to handing over a particular duty or responsibility to someone, as in a relay race. Years ago, I devised a...
The Impact of Chaos on Contact Center Operations

Now What? The Impact of Chaos on Contact Center Operations

We have all at one time or another uttered the phrase, “Now what?” According to, this phrase means, “What is going to happen...
A Chip on Your Shoulder May Block Your Career

A Chip on Your Shoulder May Block Your Career

According to Wikipedia, the expression “a chip on the shoulder” comes from the ancient right of shipwrights within the British Royal Navy Dockyards to...
Onward and Upward… Or So the Saying Goes

Onward and Upward… Or So the Saying Goes

According to, “onward and upward” is an expression that is defined as “something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget...
Joy to the Contact Center World

Joy to the World… 10 Wishes for 2018!

Happy Holidays! I am taking some idiom liberties in this last month of 2017. “Joy to the World” isn’t exactly an idiom, but it...
Tips to improve attitude of your Contact Center Staff

Garbage In, Garbage Out… Makes Contact Center Managers Want to Shout!

Remember Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street”? For some reason, he was our son Brendan’s favorite character. He even had an Oscar the Grouch...
Mastering Conversation in a Digital World

Mastering the “Fine Art” of Conversation in a Digital World

The idiom “fine art” (first half of the 1800s) is defined in the “American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms” as “something requiring highly developed techniques...
Complacency in the Contact Center Danger Zone

Complacency: Danger in the Comfort Zone

I happen to believe there is danger in the comfort zone… and that danger is complacency! In my dictionary, “complacency” is defined simply as “self-satisfaction.”...