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Janet LeBlanc is a business strategist, keynote speaker and author. She is a leading authority in customer-centric leadership with award-winning results in driving transformational change. She coaches senior leaders of Fortune 100 companies and public institutions around the world to connect with customer perspectives and collaborate on how to design and deliver a Branded Customer Experience®. Branded Customer Experience® is a registered trademark of Janet LeBlanc & Associates Inc. All rights reserved.

What Is Your Customer-Centric DNA?

The definition of a “truly customer-centric” organization is one that has mastered the ability to intentionally design and consistently deliver the ideal customer experience...

Collaboration: Distinguishing the Buzz from the Buzzword

For decades, people have used the term “collaboration” to mean many things—from sharing intelligence and resources with allied nations during wars and peacekeeping missions,...

Results-Focused Leadership: The Catalyst for CX Transformation

Customer experience (CX) has taken the world by storm. Not only have we witnessed the CX industry develop and grow, many private and public...

Who Owns the Customer Experience?

Consider this scenario: “Lisa” has landed a new role leading a customer experience (CX) program. As a first-time CX practitioner, Lisa decides that her...
Map Your Customer’s Journey

Map Your Customer’s Journey

Today’s customers own multiple technology devices and use them to interact with companies and brands like never before. People’s preference for—and reliance on—technology to...
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