Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our May 2024 Issue


Can Contact Centers Mitigate Fraud Risks?

Welcome to our May issue. Many of the articles this month focus on security and fraud issues in our centers. Take a look at the stats on our Thought You Should Know page. I think they are a troubling reminder of the outside pressures we continue to face balancing to keep our employees and our customers safe while doing business with us.

You won’t want to miss our feature article this month showcasing the conversation with Brendan Read and Richard Tsai, Senior Director, Global Fraud Solutions at TransUnion, and coverage of their 2024 State of Omnichannel Fraud Report. The numbers are staggering.

It just would not be a complete Contact Center Pipeline issue if we didn’t discuss leadership, staffing, managing remote teams, business continuity, recent FCC rulings and our contact centers, and more.

Please enjoy!

Table of Contents, May 2024

Can Contact Centers Mitigate Fraud Risks?
By Brendan Read; Q&A with Richard Tsai
Fraud is rampant, but steps can be taken to thwart threats.

Is Your Contact Center Overexercised?
By Kathleen M. Peterson
The importance of understanding the impact of underestimating and under provisioning the Contact Center.

Disruption Ahead for The Contact Center Workforce – Part 2
By Brent Holland
Declining labor supply poses challenges and how to offset them.

Strategies for Managing Remote Call Center Teams – Part 2
By Mark Pereira
How to handle challenges of agents working from home.

Can Voice Authentication Help Overwhelmed Agents?
By Chad Rogers
Experience with it says yes.

Is Your CX Thriving in the Age of Deepfakes?
By Ketuman Sardesai
The key to CX lies in positive and secure micro-experiences.

Opening the Door to Business Continuity (and Success)
By Al Kelley
Secure archiving both protects and enables the ready retrieval of critical data.

Processing Payment Trends and Challenges
By Jane Goodayle
What are the seamless solutions for contact centers?

Speaking to Buy
By Rachel Valentine
Understanding the impact of voice commerce on customer shopping engagements.

The Evolving Voice Security Threats
By Vicki Sidor
And how contact centers can defend themselves.

Unpacking the Recent FCC Rulings
By Mark McKinney
How these decisions will affect contact centers.

Donning the Digital Armor
By Mark Pereira
Here’s how contact centers can thwart and mitigate attacks.

A special thank you to our authors this month for sharing their insights and wisdom: Jane Goodayle, Brent Holland, Al Kelley, Mark McKinney, Mark Pereira, Brian Peterson, Kathleen M. Peterson, Brendan Read, Chad Rogers, Ketuman Sardesai, Vicki Sidor, Richard Tsai, and Rachel Valentine.

Sincere appreciation to each of our sponsors: 8×8, AWS Marketplace, Calabrio, Centrical, Cognigy, Enghouse Interactive, Human Numbers, Khoros, MediaSmith, NECCF, NICE, PowerHouse, Strategic Contact, TTEC Digital, Upland Software, WFH Alliance and Verint.