Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our April 2024 Issue


Where to Call and Contact?

As I sit here reviewing the April issue prior to publication, I marvel at all the external factors affecting our centers today. Since the pandemic, there has been a scramble to move our agents home to work. I appreciate Jack Boyd’s thoughts in our Feature this month on determining site selection for our centers given our work-from-home (WFH) policies and how that impacts our decisions.

Also in this issue, Leslie discusses how we connect with remote colleagues through email. Mark’s perspectives on strategies for managing remote call center teams helps us navigate this remote transition. And, I love Eric and Shane’s article on how we nurture friendships in our new era.

Sure, the pandemic has had a huge impact. There are many other external factors such as inflation, new mandates for minimum wages, shrinking labor forces and so much more affecting our centers. I always thought we had enough of our own internal challenges in our centers, but now we need to deal with many more external factors.

In 2023 there were a record 28 weather and climate disasters. As we continue to see these extreme weather events occur, we need to ensure we have done all that is necessary to update disaster recovery plans given our new WFH policies.

Have a great Spring!

Table of Contents, April 2024

Where to Call and Contact?
By Brendan Read; Q&A with John H. Boyd
The New Normal, like WFH, has shaken up contact center site selection strategies.

Contact Center Leaders…Can You Rise to the Challenge?
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Key initiatives to contact center success.

Connecting With Remote Colleagues: In Writing
By Leslie O’Flahavan
Email has its flaws, so here’s how to make the best of it.

Strategies for Managing Remote Call Center Teams – Part 1
By Mark Pereira
How to handle challenges of agents working from home.

Reinventing Workplace Connections
By Eric Berg and Shane Devitt
How to nurture friendships in the remote contact center era.

Attack The Service/Support Points of Pain
By John Goodman
Doing so is win-win-win for customers, employees, and organizations.

Disruption Ahead for The Contact Center Workforce – Part 1
By Brent Holland
Declining labor supply poses challenges and how to offset them.

Banking on Digital Transformation
By Patrick Reetz
How financial services can use tools like Conversational AI and Agent Assist AI.

Guiding Customers on Their Journeys
By Brian Peterson
How AI can assist agents assist customers.

Managing to Adapt
By Brendan Read; Q&A with Laura Sikorski
Where are contact centers going post-COVID-19 pandemic?

Recruitment, Attrition, and COVID-19
By Brendan Read
How Jackson National Life’s contact center responded to the challenges.

The New Face of Knowledge Management
By Alan Ranger
How AI, LLMs, and vectorization has changed KM.

A special thank you to our authors this month for sharing their insights and wisdom: Eric Berg, John H. Boyd, Shane Devitt, Maggie Garza, John Goodman, Brent Holland, Leslie O’Flahavan, Mark Pereira, Brian Peterson, Kathleen M. Peterson, Alan Ranger, Brendan Read, Patrick Reetz, and Laura Sikorski.

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