Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our June 2022 Issue


Should Agents Work from Home?

Remote Work. Work from Home. Work from Anywhere. We have been covering this issue for a while now. Many organizations embraced remote work teams prior to Covid, but what an acceleration we saw! Now, as the pendulum swings back more to the center, many organizations are embracing some form of hybrid model. Be sure to check out the results in our Special Report for the status of what many are doing in our most recent survey.

Now is the time for a review and refresh of our WFH programs, as we look over our practices and ensure we have our technologies, people, and strategies best aligned. Many of our authors weigh in this month on where we go from here. We have dedicated a portion of our website, to share best practices in remote work policies and the latest technologies.

Enjoy the issue!

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Should Agents Work from Home?
By Brendan Read
Why agents went home: and why they should come back.

Work from Home Survey Results
By Michele Rowan
Monitoring the Current Trends of Remote Work Programs.

If I Were a Rep…
By Kathleen Peterson
Two powerful changes we can make to support our frontline.

Conquering the New World of Contract Work
By Kim Houlne
The COVID-19 pandemic liberated the workplace. Where do contact center-using organizations go from here?

The Future of Work Is Human!
By Sangeeta Bhatnagar
Second in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership.

Contacting for Customers
By Brendan Read
Well-planned (and compliant) outbound customer contact is becoming critical to support an excellent CX.

Writing Home
By Leslie O’Flahavan
Why Remote Workers Need Better-Than-Average Writing Skills.

Critical Tools to Make Outbound Succeed
By McKay Bird
Outbound customer contact is a vital component of enabling outstanding customer experiences.

5 Ways to Manage Risk
By Greg Armor
Incorporate training, inter-department communications, mobile, data focus, and compliance as part of the brand.

WFH for B2B?
By Brendan Read
Not a few business-serving contact centers have also moved home, but will they stay there?

Protecting Data, Payments, Providing Positive CX
By Geoff Forsyth
Companies must walk a fine line between adopting new technology and maintaining consumer trust.

Filling the Knowledge Gap
By Terence Chesire
How organizations should respond when the knowledge to help customers becomes more complex.

A heartfelt thanks to our authors this month for sharing their insights and wisdom: Mike Aoki, Greg Armor, Sangeeta Bhatnagar, McKay Bird, Lori Bocklund, Terence Chesire, Geoff Forsyth, Kim Houlne, Leslie O’Flahavan, Kathleen Peterson, Brendan Read, and Michele Rowan.

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