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There are signs of spring everywhere. The little tree frogs are singing, flowers and trees are budding, the days are longer… all this to say there is change in the air.

Change is everywhere. Could there be much more change in the air than in our centers? Talk of agility in dealing with the changing times, remote workers, the pandemic and ever-expanding customer channels, safeguarding our centers, data security, employee safety and so much more is in the air.

Just like spring, we are on the cusp of many new beginnings. I hope we can work together to figure out what are future centers will look like.

Please enjoy the April issue.

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Contact Center Pipeline April 2021

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Embracing Agility in the Contact Center
By Susan Hash
How can contact centers stay nimble while navigating a constantly changing environment? Ideas to enable agile thinking in your people and culture.

This Little Light of Mine… Keep It Shining!
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Generate engagement momentum and fuel to “light the lights” of your frontline agents.

The Times They Are a-Changin’
By Paul Stockford
Research indicates work-from-home has been a success. But once the pandemic is behind us, will contact centers try to slip back into “the way it’s always been done”?

Why Customer Service is NOT an “Entry-Level” Position
By Mike Aoki
As chatbots handle more routine transactions, the demand for higher-level skills is evolving the agent’s role.

Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap
By David Singer
The pandemic has left many businesses in a vulnerable state with limited budget and resources to manage ever-expanding customer channels.

Three Ways to Future-proof Your CX
By Candace Sheitelman
Safeguard your contact center and customer experience against whatever comes next.

Customer Experience & Fraud Prevention: Dueling Priorities for Today’s Contact Centers
By Christina Luttrell
How to deliver a frictionless service experience without compromising data security.

Quality Monitoring Is Suffocating: How to Breathe New Life into Your Program
By Neal Dlin
Customer contacts have evolved into more complex, emotionally charged issues. Does your QA scorecard reflect that change?

How to Make Tech Support Faster and Easier—for Both Customers and Agents
By Tom Jones
Five smart solutions to create a low-effort, high-value tech support experience.

Refine Your Coaching Technique with Listening and Observation
By Mark Pereira
Tips for delivering more effective coaching sessions.

Biometrics Can Do More Than Fight Fraud
By Simon Marchand
Balance the contact center’s need for fraud protection with your customers’ demand for a frictionless, personalized experience.

The Whole World Is Going Digital. So Why Is Your Buying Process Still Analog?
By Jeremy Watkin
The technology buying experience is undergoing a transformation and shift from analog to digital. Benefits of partnering with a CX solutions provider.

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