Top 5 Posts in January

Contact Center Pipeline Top 5 Blog Posts

The start of the new year is always filled with predictions about which technologies, practices or strategies you need to keep on your radar. It’s also the type of information that holds great appeal for contact center professionals who pushed four of our recent industry forecast editorials to the top of our most-read blog posts list for January.

Contact Center Challenges and Priorities for 2020
We just completed our fifth annual survey and had 275 participants chime in on their top three challenges and priorities. While I encourage you to read the full report, here are some observations that stand out this year…

Three Major Predictions for the 2020 Contact Center
In today’s highly dynamic digital economy, there is no set safeguard against uncertainty. We live in an era where a single tweet or photo can completely reshape a brand’s perception—for better or worse. And at the same time, businesses are striving to meet and exceed a moving goal post of customer preferences, influenced by a wide array of competitors.

Contact Center 2020: Yesterday and Today
In 2016, I spoke at a customer conference and the topic was, “Contact Center 2020.” At the time, 2020 seemed like it was forever away, and I had carte blanche to forecast whatever I wanted to about the potential state of the contact center in 2020. I opened the session with a brief clip from the old “Jetsons” cartoon series. It featured the Jetson family robot, Rosie, performing everyday tasks around the house. Although my presentation opener was a bit tongue-in-cheek, I guess it worked out for me in the long run. Automation has become a pretty big deal in the contact center in 2020.

Leading a Service Culture
Businesses are entering a new age of leadership. Ivory towers are crumbling across the country. The days of executives being disconnected from their customers, employees and the everyday activities of the workplace are drawing to an end. Organizations are undergoing disruptive change brought about by rising customer demands, rapid advancements in technology, and evolving workforce needs and expectations.

The Contact Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2020
When invited to compile this list of customer service trends for 2020, naturally the first thing I did was look back at all of the predictions made the previous year. The influence of AI in the contact center was strongly touted, but in 2020 (after a number of false starts), artificial intelligence will finally start to take center stage in customer experience management.