Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our June 2018 Issue

How to identify the best-fit candidates for your contact center.
Illustration by Brian Dixon for Contact Center Pipeline

What a busy time of year! The month of June always brings many activities, like graduations, weddings, dance and band recitals… great celebratory events. And, it is a busy time of year in our centers. Many of us are starting to gaze upon our yearly budget process, gearing up to hire for seasonal workers and dealing with more time off for vacations and travel. I hope in the midst of your hectic month, you’ll include time to read our June issue. It is packed full of timely articles about staffing, engagement, turnover, hiring, retention and more. Please enjoy.

Refining the Hiring Process
By Susan Hash
How to identify the best-fit candidates for your contact center.

Investing in Your Agents for the Long Term
By Tamara Schroer
Ideas to improve agent retention.

Lost in the Labyrinth: C-Level to Cube-Level… Making the Link
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Breaking down the walls of the service labyrinth can only happen at the senior executive level.

Contact Centers and the Debate over Personal Privacy
By Dick Bucci
At what point does collecting and sharing personal information intrude on an individual’s privacy? A look at U.S. privacy laws, the GDPR and implications for contact centers.

Delta Vacations’ Customer Engagement Center
By Susan Hash
An employee-focused culture benefits customers and the business.

Unhappy Agents? How to Reduce Turnover
By Pam Hynes
7 tactics to build an agent-first contact center environment.

The Value in Accuracy: How to Create the Right Forecast to Drive Customer Experience Success
By Kat Worman
New tools and insights provide additional visibility to better hone forecasts.

The Case for Technology in an Understaffed World
By Lori Bocklund
Take a fresh look at opportunities to leverage technology in your center.

Remembering Greg Sherry
By Paul Stockford
A tribute to an industry veteran—an influence for good who inspired many.

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NECCF—Creating a Culture of Service Success
By Michael Pace
A sneak peek at the NECCF’s annual Conference and Expo keynote and event.

Why It’s Time for Your Company to Embrace Omnichannel
By Stephen Pappas
Accuracy and consistency across channels must come from one single source of truth.

What to Look for in a Secure Headset
By Sennheiser
Key factors to keep in mind when selecting office headsets for secure environments.

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