Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our February 2018 Issue

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine February 2018 Issue
Illustration by Nick Barrett

On Super Bowl Sunday, we watch to see if our favored team will be the winner… or the loser. There are coaches, trainers, sports medicine teams and a host of support staff helping to get the most out of their players to deliver results. This sounds familiar to what we do every day in our contact centers. How do we engage and empower our staff? How do we achieve our results? How do we show our “fans” (okay, our customers) some love? How do we create a culture of support among our team members? We cover many of these topics in our February issue. Please, read more…

Create a Coaching Culture
By Susan Hash
Foster open dialogue that engages and empowers people to deliver results.

Three Simple Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love
By Nancy Porte
Emotions play a vital role in = customer relationships. How to ensure that your customers feel good about you.

Social Engineering: 5 Steps to Protect Your Contact Center
By Christina Luttrell
Are your CSRs vulnerable to fraudsters? Take a proactive approach to preventing fraud.

Now What? The Impact of Chaos on Contact Center Operations
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Five conditions contributing to the growing chaos in your operation, and what you can do to stabilize it.

The State of the WFO Market
By Dick Bucci
What key forces are driving the growing demand for WFO solutions? Dick Bucci offers insights from his latest research report.

A Call Center and Nonprofit Partnership Connects Homeless with Jobs
By Susan Hash
Can call centers be part of the solution to the homelessness epidemic? A look at a successful model for transitioning people experiencing homelessness into jobs, housing and the community.

Evaluating, Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Contact Center Culture
By Brian Burke
How to affect the type of lasting change that drives commitment and results

Haste But Not Waste: Fast Implementation with Success
By Lori Bocklund
Good planning can help you to move at a quick pace while still delivering business value

What Would Miss Manners Say?
By Paul Stockford
When is it appropriate for contact center agents to address callers by their first name?

Want Your Customers to Love You? Start by Actively Listening
By Valerie McSorley
Banner Health’s social customer care team engages in a dialogue that is timely, responsive and personalized.

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