Illustration by Eric Jackson

People management was at the top of the Pipeline reading list in January. The most-read posts for the month offered tips to help frontline staff shine in 2016; New Year’s resolutions for managers to engage staff, improve the center’s performance and enhance their own skills; advice for leading your millennial agents; pointers for developing a coach-the-coach program; and a quick tip to help motivate frontline supervisors to improve their coaching.

10 Survival Tips for Call Center Agents in 2016
It’s no secret that the work of a call center agent requires saintly patience and nerves of steel, and as customer expectations go up, the job becomes ever more demanding.

New Year’s Resolutions for Contact Center Managers
These seven New Year’s resolutions will give you a head start in making 2016 your best year ever!

5 Tips for Leading Millennials
The millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000) has been described as the most high-maintenance workforce to date, but it can also be the most high-performing, if you learn what makes them tick.

Coaching the Coach
Our coaches occupy the most critical blocks on our organizational charts. Wedged between those who set the policies for handling customers and those who carry out those policies, it is our coaches—supervisors mostly, but also trainers, QA staff and others—who translate objectives to behaviors.

Quick Tip: Engage Supervisors with Targeted QM Goals
In centers that suffer from high absenteeism, you’ll typically find disengaged supervisors. Like agents, supervisors who are performing the same coaching tasks day in and day out can get into a rut.