6th Anniversary

March 2009… that was our first issue of Contact Center Pipeline.

It’s been six years since we launched our publication. I looked back to see what I wrote six years ago, and it looked pretty dismal… stuff like foreclosures, budget deficits, job layoffs, shrinking 401k plans…not very happy news. I discussed how all that affected our contact centers. Weaker economies and recessions affect the impact on staffing and hiring, training budgets, technology upgrades and enhancements. It wasn’t a time for the faint of heart!

Fast forward to March 2015… we’ve come a long way. We launched our new publication during all that mix up and it continues to grow. Foreclosures, unemployment rates and deficits have eased off. Companies are investing in their staff and their operations. It’s a brighter time although I’m still not sure it is for the faint of heart!

I thank you for your support and encouragement these past six years. To show my gratitude, please subscribe or renew your current subscription to Contact Center Pipeline for FREE. Just enter SIX in the coupon code during checkout and your shopping cart will be updated to $0. This offer is good for the month of March!

12 free issuesHave a good month and please enjoy our March issue. As always, I look forward to your comments about our publication and what we’re doing to help promote resources in the contact center industry.

Linda Harden
Linda Harden is President and Publisher of the monthly contact center management journal, Contact Center Pipeline. Our passion is to promote discussion, resources, events and services that impact the lives of our employees and customers. Each month, well-respected industry leaders, practitioners and consultants present their insights, strategies, best practices and lessons learned to help run an effective and efficient operation.