Today is National Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a day to show your staff how much you appreciate the value that they contribute to your customers and the business.

I am one of the judges for the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards to be presented on May 5th at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference in Orlando, Fla. My category is Best Contact Center Agent. I’m telling you this because I have been inspired going through this evaluation process. It’s not an easy job being a contact center agent. We talk constantly about how to improve our processes, how important their role is, how they support our brand and how our service experiences start and stop during the customer/agent interaction.

Once again, I was reminded of what the pearl is in our contact center environments. It’s the people. And some of the best are being evaluated for this award. They not only do their job, but they help the workforce management teams, the quality teams, they coach and mentor new-hires and co-workers, they volunteer with community projects, they contribute to improving processes, they produce training videos and the list continues.

Of course, I’m reviewing applications for those agents who really excel. But all the technology, all the process improvements and all the training can’t mask the fact that having the right person is crucial. This is something I knew, but I learned it all over again during this award process! I wish all our centers were filled with these types of motivated, customer-focused candidates.

Stay tuned to the Contact Center Pipeline Blog to hear more about these outstanding frontline superstars and the awards!