3 Easy Ways to Appreciate Your Agents During Customer Service Week

3 Easy Agent Appreciation Ideas

Happy Customer Service Week! Hopefully, your Customer Service Week celebration has kicked off and your agents are basking in the glow of much-deserved recognition, food and gifts! If you’re looking for a few more ideas to show appreciation to your staff for the incredible work that they do, the following are three simple tips for making agents feel special this week.

Invite Senior Execs to Spend Time in the Center

A word of praise from a company executive can have an incredible impact on your team’s focus and motivation. CallCenterPro Consulting President Eric Berg suggests hosting an event in which senior execs publicly acknowledge the value that the contact center and agents provide to the overall growth and stability of the organization. “Agents will better understand their impact and focus on what they need to do to further help the organization meet its goals,” he says. “Nothing shows appreciation like senior executives taking the time to come to the center and personally thank the frontline staff for everything they do to help the company meet its goals.”

Practical Tips for Call CentersPractical pointer: Prep executives with customer success stories, examples of agents who went above and beyond to deliver outstanding service, and highlights of exceptional performance by individuals, teams and the overall center.

Write a Letter

Thank-you cards and notes are always a nice tribute to those agents who have gone above and beyond. However, a formal letter praising the agent’s performance is a more official record of their performance that can be valuable in furthering their career.

Be specific about the individual’s contributions and achievements in the letter. Print a hard copy on company stationery and send it to the employee’s home address. Also, be sure to send a copy to senior management.

Make a Meal… and Serve it

What employee wouldn’t enjoy the chance to be waited on by his or her manager—or even better, senior management? Get the leadership team to make breakfast or lunch for the entire center—and then deliver it, white-glove style, to the agents’ desks.