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CX Versus GX: When Worlds Collide

CX Versus GX: When Worlds Collide

Let me start by once again offering a real-world experience, such as the one I described in my April 2019 column, CX Pundits vs....

Top 5 Posts in September

Contact center professionals are already gearing up for the holiday season and beyond. One of our five most-read blog posts in September provided timely...
Millennial Contact Center Company Culture

Making the Millennial Connection: Culture

If there is one thing that Alorica’s VP of Talent Acquisition Teri Morse believes is the “secret sauce” for attracting and retaining millennial employees,...
Leading Millennial Contact Center Agents

Making the Millennial Connection: Leading Your Agents

I think it’s safe to say that millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Often referred to as “Generation Disruption,” their influence on...

Top 5 Posts in August

Agent training, development and engagement were top of mind for Pipeline blog readers this month. One of our most popular authors, Mike Aoki, contributed...
Call Center Preparation for Coronavirus

3 Mistakes Contact Centers Are Making That Turn Away Millennial Customers

When it comes to brands, millennials are not lacking for options. The first generation raised on digital tools, the ability to research and choose...
Contact Center Trends - Millennials

Hot Trends Impacting Contact Centers: Millennials

The impact that millennials are having on work environments across sectors continues to be a leading topic for contact center leaders. In our five-part...