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Joy to the Contact Center World

Joy to the World… 10 Wishes for 2018!

Happy Holidays! I am taking some idiom liberties in this last month of 2017. “Joy to the World” isn’t exactly an idiom, but it...
Engaging the C-Wing

Engaging the C-Wing

Every organization is different, and one area where those differences are very pronounced is the value that the highest placed leaders apply to the...
Getting Top Level Support

Executive Interaction on the Front Lines

Interaction with the staff is important in most any leadership position, but it is absolutely critical in a contact center. The agent’s job success...
Getting Top Level Support

Getting Top-Level Support

How do you dispel the cost center image and focus your top-level executives' attention on the value that great service provides? That has been...

Communicating Customer-Centric Change

Becoming a customer-centric organization typically requires a culture change that must be driven from the top. A collaborative approach that involves a close partnership...