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Jay Minnucci is the President and Founder of Service Agility, a consulting and training company dedicated to improving customer service and call center operations. In this role, he provides strategic and tactical guidance across all industries for enterprises that seek to optimize customer interactions. Prior to starting his own firm, he spent 8 years as the Vice President of Consulting for the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). Before becoming a consultant, he spent 17 years running mission-critical award winning call center operations.
Valuing Call Center Agents

Differentiator Series, Part 2: Valuing the Agent

Our people are our most valuable asset.” “Butts in seats.” It is hard to imagine two more diametrically opposed phrases. Spend time in a...
Balancing the Contact Center Brain

Differentiator Series, Part 1: Balancing the Contact Center Brain

Welcome to the first of five installments of our Differentiator series. In this group of articles, it is our goal to go beyond the...
Engaging the C-Wing

Engaging the C-Wing

Every organization is different, and one area where those differences are very pronounced is the value that the highest placed leaders apply to the...
Accountability of agents in the Contact Center

Accountability in the Contact Center

“We want to make people more accountable.” Well, amen to that. As a concept, accountability has enormous appeal. It is discussed in relation to government,...
Moment of Truth in the Contact Center

The Moment of Truth

My flight just got canceled, and I have to make it home tonight to attend my daughter’s holiday dance recital. Or maybe, after 17...
Contact Center Culture of Trust

A Culture of Trust

Few doubt the importance of trust in the success of a contact center. It is one of those foundational elements that may be difficult...
Cloud based phone system app

The Phone System App

Twenty years ago, I was standing on a loading dock directing the two trucks transporting our new ACD phone system into the building. Ours...
promoting a culture of attendance

Showing Up: Understanding & Improving Attendance

Consider for a moment how much you invest in your agents. Salary and benefit costs are obvious. But don’t forget recruiting, hiring and training....
Looking ahead to the future of the Contact Center Industry in 2020

Looking Ahead to 2020

Top-tier contact centers prepare for the future. It is one of the key ingredients to their performance success. They will be the first to...
Contact Center Re-Gifting 2017

Regifting for 2017

Can you believe it? It’s now seven years since we first dedicated our end-of-year Agility Factor column to our worldwide contact center regifting initiative...
3 Contact Center Technology Tips for Better Assisted Self Service

Getting Closer to the Customer

One of the best things to happen to the contact center in the last 10 to 15 years is the attention placed on customer...
Five ways to improve contact center agent engagement

5 Ways to Improve Engagement

Universities, consultants, authors and experts all have a lot to say about employee engagement. The attention paid to this topic is encouraging, as it...