‘Golden’ Rule of Customer Service


'Golden' Rule of Customer Service

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and while channel surfing, I ran across a marathon of The Golden Girls. A GREAT tv show! On this episode Dorothy has been sick, tired and feels something is just not right. She went to several doctors who told her nothing is wrong and maybe it is because she is getting older. One doctor suggested she may be depressed and should change up her life. Dorothy finally goes to a doctor who diagnosed her with chronic fatigue syndrome. She was so glad of a diagnosis and took the girls out for dinner to celebrate. While chatting with the girls Dorothy notices one of the doctors who did not take her seriously having dinner at another table. In Dorothy style, she ‘strolls’ over and informs him how devasted he made her feel. She said she came to him sick and scared; and he dismissed her. He made her feel like she was wasting his time and asked how did he lose his humanity? She warned he better start listening to his patients; they need to be heard. They need care – they need compassion.

That was a ‘drop the mic’ moment! Now I am not comparing a doctor/patient dynamic with a customer service representative, but my mind immediately went there. If you are a customer service representative, what would customers say about your service and interpersonal skills? Remember, it is not ‘what’ you say but also ‘how’ you say it. Most Customer Service departments have end of call surveys where the customer can share their feedback. If your business is not taking time to review customer comments, you are missing out on valuable, valuable, and even more valuable opportunities to develop your customer service results. Let us be sure every customer service representative understands the ‘Golden Rule’ of customer service: Do Unto Customers As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

Let’s have a GREAT day!

Gwen Foster Oglesby’s first book, “Call Center: A Focus on Customer Service,” provides best practices for employees to enhance their customer service skills and work ethic. She is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.