Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our August 2021 Issue

Just as we started feeling a bid of a reprieve from Covid, here comes Delta. Will it have the same impact on staffing and operations? Surely it will cause us to continue our flexibility with remote work and hybrid models a little longer, as there is talk of masks and travel restrictions again. Please check out our Remote Work web page where we discuss all things related to remote work.

Lots to read this month. Susan discusses the role our supervisors are playing in this ever-changing environment. We also discuss contact center value and visibility, AI-enabled chatbots, VoC insights, empowerment, engagement and so much more. A special treat this month is supplied by Gerry Barber as he shares his insights to the five contact center leadership keys to success. Thanks, Gerry, for all you have done for our industry over these past years!

Please check out the make-over to our digital issue this month. For subscribers, you still have the option to download the PDF of the issue and articles, but we are introducing a new, easy-to-read digital version. I look forward to your feedback.

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Contact Center Pipeline August 2021

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The Evolving Contact Center Supervisor
By Susan Hash
Redefining a pivotal leadership role for a dynamic work environment.

Executive Interview with ProcedureFlow
By Linda Harden
ProcedureFlow is a revolutionary knowledge management solution that uses a visual guide to provide agents with the processes they need when they need them.

Strategies for Promoting Contact Center Value and Visibility
By Kathleen M. Peterson
It’s time to be proactive about how others view your contact center.

Virtual or Real? Reality Bites!
By Paul Stockford
Virtual industry events have advanced significantly in creativity, engagement and effectiveness.

Low-Code/No-Code AI-Enabled Chatbots
By Jen Snell
How a DIY approach to intelligent virtual assistants is democratizing customer service delivery for all.

CX Is About to Change (Again)
By Chris Bauserman
Customer interactions are about to get a lot more complicated. Here’s how to get your team ready.

How Contact Center Insights Can Improve Enterprise Operations
By Mary Moilanen
Contact Center data and VoC insights can help to steer the entire business to the most informed decisions.

How Your Contact Center Agents Can Drive More Revenue
By Jessica Hocking
Empower your people to perform at their highest level and the positive results will come.

Reflections of a Contact Center Leader
By Gerry Barber
A love letter to those who serve others.

26 Ideas for Engaging Your Contact Center Team
By Mark Pereira
Find simple ways to engage your team and show that you appreciate them.

5 Ways Contact Centers Can Best Serve Customers and Grow Their Businesses
By Sagi Eliyahu
Yesterday’s processes and technologies can no longer keep pace with today’s expectations.

Communication Styles to Build Deeper Rapport
By Marc Carriere
A team leader’s guide for managing tough conversations.

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