A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers
Illustration By Dan Hetteix

Employee advocacy can be very impactful if there is a really clear and articulated business case for the program, and if every element of the program is anchored in the business case, says Christopher Hannegan, Edelman’s executive vice president, U.S. Practice Chair, Employee Engagement.

Practical Tips for Call CentersPractical pointer: Most companies think about employee advocacy as making it possible and desirable for employees to talk externally about the company and its products. An often-overlooked opportunity is to apply that same mentality within the company, he points out. “Having employees talking to each other about how great it is to work at the company or how excited they are about a product launch is powerful. It creates a positive cycle from within and reinforces engagement. That in turn helps to make the external advocacy even more compelling.”

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