A common cause of customer service new-hire turnover in contact centers
Illustration By Dan Hetteix

Berlin Packaging has a long history of business success, which its leaders attribute largely to its focus on employee engagement and a culture of shared commitment to “Being Greater, Faster.”

It’s a culture that was developed more than 20 years ago when the company adopted a set of values to govern the employer-employee relationship, says Senior Manager of Business Development and Strategy Paul Mansour.

To monitor level of engagement across the larger organization, Berlin regularly surveys its employees, asking: “How likely are you to recommend working at Berlin Packaging to a well-qualified acquaintance (to a friend or someone you know)?”

To allow for a deeper dive into the reasons for the employee’s rating and to identify opportunities for action, the survey includes four additional questions:

  • What keeps you at Berlin Packaging?
  • Is there something important that Berlin Packaging should start doing?

  • Is there something important that Berlin Packaging should stop doing?

  • Is there something important that Berlin Packaging should continue doing with more gusto?

Importantly, company leaders don’t simply listen to the employee feedback; they take immediate steps to identify opportunities for action.

Practical Tips for Call CentersPractical pointer: While it’s critical to measure employee engagement scores to track improvement, Mansour points out that what’s more important than the score is the feedback that the employee provides, and making sure that you go back to employees with a specific action plan for improvement. “Tell employees what you’re doing, give them updates on your progress, and get their feedback,” he says. “It’s a mutual process for improvement. If you don’t follow-through on their feedback, the trust will be broken and you’ll run into trouble.”

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