Contact Center Self Service as a Customer Satisfying Experience
Illustration by Jon Testa

Creating a positive culture doesn’t happen overnight. But managers can learn how to be more positive. “Happiness is a skill,” says culture coach JoAnna Brandi. “It doesn’t just happen. For most people, happiness happens when you have good habits of mind, body and thought.”

How can you get started? Brandi recommends the following:

  • Hold frequent huddles to give agents an inspirational pep talk. Ask them what went well during their most recent shift and why; and what they were proudest of that day or during the week. Keep in mind that this should not be a gripe session—instead, focus on the things that are going well.
  • When you go to a meeting, listen for the good stuff and bring back the good news to share with your staff.
  • Designate your center “positive thinking territory.” Post signs, such as: “You are entering a positive thinking area.” Make sure that reps are equipped with books, videos, tipsheets and tools to ensure that they’re using positive language.

“Make it easy for your employees to feel happier at work,” Brandi says. “Being focused on what is positive will have a powerful impact on the way coworkers interact and the way they treat customers, as well.”