Survey Top Call Center Challenges and Priorities for 2016
Illustration by Matt Brooks

I recently came across some notes that I took at a conference session on contact center management challenges. The attendees had been polled in advance about their pain points. The top three challenges that contact center leaders said they struggled with were: getting people to show up for work, senior management’s lack of understanding about factors that impacted service level, and dealing with inconsistencies in monitoring and coaching.

I should mention that this session took place over a decade ago.

Fast forward to today: Centers have made considerable progress proving their value to C-level execs and gaining visibility throughout the organization. Great strides have been made toward building engaged work environments, as well.

So if that conference session was held today, what would you pinpoint as your main management challenges? We want your feedback! The team at Strategic Contact has put together a quick and painless survey on contact center challenges and priorities for 2016. Please take 2-3 minutes to give us your insights, and we’ll share the results in an upcoming issue of Pipeline.

This survey is closed. View the Contact Center Challenges & Priorities Results.