Workforce Management 4th of July
Illustration by Eric Jackson

Every year, we Workforce Managers get to play with unique and exciting situations around holidays. This year the special one to look out for is Independence Day, because 4th of July happens on a Saturday.

By law, when a holiday falls on a Saturday, it is observed on the Friday before, so the big hit will impact my forecasts and schedules on July 3rd. But it won’t end there; the fireworks will still be happening on Saturday, July 4th, which means I probably won’t see my typical Saturday action this year (nor Sunday) because people will be starting that weekend early.

For that matter, the Monday following this holiday on July 6th will also be different than my normal Mondays; I plan to see higher calls arriving earlier in the morning (making up for people who skipped calling in on the Friday or Saturday before). When Independence Day happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I rarely see any leftover fallout extending into the following week, but when it happens on a Monday, Thursday, Friday or weekend, I always plan on seeing some of that impact touch in both the week of and the week after.

Interesting forecasting fact about the 4th of July: The last time it fell on a Tuesday was in 2006, and that won’t happen again until 2017.