Illustration by Eric Jackson

More tips, news and notes from the 2015 SWPP Annual Conference, Day 2:

WFM Certification news! SWPP has extended the deadlines and now you have TWO years from the date of registration to complete certification. There are many preparation resources available now, and you will have the ability to retest, so there’s no reason not to go for this certification. But the questions still take a lot of concentration. I was eliminated after the 6th round. Congrats to Harold Bassett from Suddenlink, who was the last man standing!

We’ve been making blankets again for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, which helps kids who are displaced from their homes. We are on track to hit our goal of 50 blankets!

Vendor News

Injixo is different from everyone else because they only cost $9 per user with no implantation fees! It’s a true pay-for-what-you-use price model.

NICE forecasts required staff using simulation for a much more accurate required staff by skill, and that goes all the way down to each agent at the interval level.

Pipkins has expertise for at-home agents, including a self-scheduling tool.

Calabrio allows agents to create their own schedules from scratch, which they are more likely to adhere to with less attrition.

Call Design offers 24/7 support!!!

Community is unique—it’s the only one with 5 bidirectional communication channels, including mobile and text.