Illustration by Eric Jackson

News and notes from the 2015 SWPP Annual Conference, Day 3:

Started off the day by having a fun breakfast discussion with my call center mentor, Laura Grimes, about communicating the results of a staffing model with a call to action. She explained that it really just comes down to asking, “Do you want to be the finger? Or do you want to be a yo-yo?” As usual, Laura is right.

The first session was “The Scheduling Game of WFM,” by Denise Kapalko (2015 Workforce Management Professional of the Year winner). Everyone got a daily schedule board and game pieces.

WFM scheduling game_smaller
Then we all did the actual game play, which was fun and easy. Now we all have a new physical tool to take back home and share when we want to show others what happens behind the scene of creating optimized schedules.