Illustration by Eric Jackson

More tips, news and notes from the 2015 SWPP Annual Conference, Day 2:

A scheduler’s headache: If you don’t give employees the break they want, they’ll take it anyway. This is why a carefully prepared, thoughtful schedule arrangement that includes the agents can pay off.

Benchmarking: 62% utilization is a common threshold on average; or in other words, a good target to start with if you’re setting utilization goals for the first time.

Vendor News

Interactive Intelligence told me that their discreet event simulation modeling is different because it can predict abandon rates.

Verint acquired Kana and they have a better end-to-end solution now because the whole thing is tied to one product. They told me that they’re unique because they offer skill-based routing for back-office and email.

Intradiem has intraday automation well beyond optimizing beaks and meetings. It can trigger voluntary overtime, or anything else their clients imagination can come up with.

Genesys integrates real-time situations to a routing system so someone doesn’t have to go in and reskill agents. It even knows not to touch someone who is about to go on break.