The Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness


The Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness
Illustration by Paul Aleman for Pipeline

If you run a call center, change is familiar. The functionality and technology are more advanced than ever before. Beyond that, the expectations of service, the metrics that gauge success, and the channels customers can use to maximize their efforts and minimize their wait times are very different.

Today, most changes to call centers are a response to consumer behavior, rather than an effort to advance business initiatives. After all, customer happiness and engagement are amongst the most significant drivers behind the image, culture and success of an organization. In fact, 82% of consumers surveyed by Zendesk in their annual Benchmark Report said they stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service from call centers.

44% of consumers are willing to switch to a competitor because they want to feel valued as a customer. Improving how call centers interact with customers while focusing on the key ingredients needed to achieve sustainable satisfaction is crucial to the bottom line. So what’s the “secret sauce” for doing this?

There are countless ways we can gain better approval ratings from customers. It’s a good bet that the following strategies are key ingredients for making the “secret sauce” that puts customer happiness at the forefront of every business interaction:

  1. Tracking Customer Engagement
  2. Improving the Customer Experience
  3. Raising Customer Lifetime Value

To learn how each ingredient can flavor your “Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness,” download the white paper.

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