Illustration by Eric Jackson

More tips, news and notes from the 2015 SWPP Annual Conference, Day 3:

From the “60 Ideas in 60 minutes” session: Penny Reynolds was transcribing all of these for the website, but in the meantime, here are a few I really liked and captured from the five expert problem-solvers in this speed session:

• Build a WFM career path. Start with entry-level, real-time positions, then forecaster, scheduler, and on to senior levels.

• Create holiday plans a month before the holiday.

• Offer a WFM internship for 6-12 months.

• If you use Verint, take advantage of the Agent Proficiency Factor to get a better model on staffing requirements.

• Don’t limit at-home agents’ shift types. Split-shifts aren’t so insane anymore.

• If you have remote agents working at a remote site, also make sure that there’s a workforce manager at that site so they don’t complain about taxation without representation.

• Stay connected to the WFM Community! I totally agree, and am so thankful to Jud Beall, my fellow CWPP friend, for reminding me why I love this conference.

Benchmarking: How far out are schedules published? Four weeks.

Vendor News

Aspect has a brand-spanking-new user interface from Frog Design (they did Apple) and it looks pretty impressive.

Aspect Interface

WFM Brainpower Boost

We were served brain food with our salads at lunchtime, courtesy of ICMI.

Day3 lunch