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Mike Aoki is a popular conference speaker and seminar leader. His company, Reflective Keynotes Inc. , helps organizations improve their contact center sales, customer service and management skills.
Surprising ways to motivate your contact center agents

Surprising Ways to Motivate Your Agents

I love movies. So, I was thrilled to win movie tickets as part of a contact center sales campaign back when I was an...
Training your seasonal contact center agents

The Secret to Training Seasonal Agents

“They are just temps,” said one contact center manager describing his seasonal agents. “They will be gone in a couple of months!” That condescending...
Coaching Your Call Center Agents

Coaching? Don’t Make Your Agents Defend Stupidity

I knew I was in trouble! I was driving down the highway with my lovely wife, Jana, when we spotted a traffic jam up...
Engaging the C-Wing

How to Improve Your Center’s Loyalty and Retention Rates

There is no such thing as, “just an address change” or a “simple customer question.” Every interaction is a loyalty situation: How that interaction...
Create a Sales Incentive Program for Your Contact Center in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Sales Incentive Program for Your Center in 3 Easy Steps

“Trinkets and trash!” That was the description a contact center agent used to describe their company’s sales incentive program. This company had recently mandated...
Handling Holiday Returns and Cancellations in the Contact Center

How to Handle Post-Holiday Returns & Cancellations

January is the toughest time of the year to be a new agent. Early in my career, I worked at a mobile phone company...
Empower Frontline Staff with QM Tools

Being Your Personal Best as a Contact Center Leader

Being a contact center leader is a demanding job. You have a large number of people to lead. You have an overwhelming array of...
promoting a culture of attendance

10 Common Retention Mistakes

Some of the best lessons about customer service happen when you are the customer. In my case, I spent 20 years as a loyal...
New Years Resolutions for Contact Center Managers

New Year’s Resolutions for Contact Center Managers

These seven New Year’s resolutions will give you a head start in making 2016 your best year ever! 1. I will remember that customer calls...
Five ideas for new hire training in call center

5 Ideas for Effective New-Hire Training

When I managed the call center training department at a major wireless phone company, we invested six weeks in our new-hire training and coaching....
Five Tips to Improve Employee Engagement During New-Hire Training in the Call Center

5 More Tips to Boost Engagement During New-Hire Training

In my last post, I offered five tips to reduce your new-hires’ training jitters, while increasing their knowledge retention and engagement. The following are...
Five Tips to Improve Employee Engagement During New-Hire Training in the Call Center

5 Tips to Improve Engagement During New-Hire Training

I remember my first day as an agent at a major phone company. It was at the start of my working life. I was...