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Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous Turnover

Remember your driver’s exam? It’s been a while, but it likely went something like this: You read the driver’s handbook and memorized the rules...
PACE ASSOCIATION: Changing with the Times

PACE: Changing with the Times

The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) stands alone as the only trade association that provides advocacy, compliance, education and networking to the contact...
New Age Leaders in the Contact Center

Growing Leaders: The New Age of Mentoring

Mentorship is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, thanks largely to millennials and social networking. Mentoring is actually an age-old development concept with references reaching...

Inside View: TeleTech Learning and Performance

In contact centers, the first 90 days is known as the critical make-or-break period for new agents. New-hires can quickly be overwhelmed with information...
Growing Leaders: A New Approach to Learning & Development in the Contact Center

Growing Leaders: A New Approach to Learning & Development

Many of this industry’s most successful leaders started out on the phones… and yet, many call centers still suffer from a reputation for being...
Value of on the job experience in the contact center

The School of Hard Knocks… Are You a Graduate?

The “School of Hard Knocks” is an idiom that means the (sometimes painful) education one gets from life’s usually negative experiences. It is contrasted...
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