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Minimizing Contact Center Costs

Bet the Ranch, Bet the Brand

The American Heritage Idiom Dictionary defines “to bet the ranch” as “to risk everything you have because you are certain of success.” This idiom most likely began at poker tables in saloons of the...
Minimizing Contact Center Costs

Driving Margins by Minimizing Contact Center Costs

Understanding your contact center costs is vital to successful management and administration of your center. Before we begin the discussion about reducing your cost per call, we first need to make sure that you...
Training Budget Part2

The Cost of Attrition

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I wanted to follow up on a couple of questions I received at the SWPP Conference around my session on attrition. I was focused on how to...
First Engage Yourself Book Excerpt by Zane Safrit

9 Things My Latest Book on Employee Engagement Lacks

To keep my latest book—First, Engage Yourself—short enough to read over, say, a long lunch, I omitted nine things. 1. Buzzwords and Wonky Terms OK, I do talk about “employee engagement.” But that phrase...
Long Term Cost Management

Long-Term Cost Management

Managing expenses in a contact center is tricky business. We have to remember that the transactions we handle are done in a partnership with our customers, so the changes we make directly impact the...
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