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Contact Center Re-Gifting 2017

Regifting for 2017

Can you believe it? It’s now seven years since we first dedicated our end-of-year Agility Factor column to our worldwide contact center regifting initiative (actually, it is more like a movement than an initiative)....

Inside View: Manuel Felix, Listen Up Español

Comic book legend Stan Lee described a superhero as someone who possesses an exceptional power and uses it to accomplish good deeds. While Lee’s characters may have been fictional, in the contact center world,...

Inside View: VF Imagewear

Whether you’re in a restaurant, hotel, on a factory floor or dealing with local law enforcement or emergency services professionals, employees’ work uniforms influence how you perceive the business or official with whom you’re...
End to End

3 Tips for Driving Process Excellence

Identifying the barriers that lead to a poor customer experience (and increased traffic to the call center) requires an enterprisewide review of customer touchpoints and call drivers. The following are brief looks at three...
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