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empower agents key to customer satisfaction

Empowered Agents: A Key to Customer Satisfaction

According to a study from Customer Experience Management, 71% of agents do not have the authority to satisfy a customer. OUCH! With high attrition comes the need to limit the authority of agents—whereas experience...
Empowerment drives continuous improvement mindset

Empowerment Drives Continuous Improvement Mindset

We operate in a fast-changing business environment. The processes that work well today can quickly become unwieldy and undercut your center’s performance tomorrow. Leading-edge service providers understand the need to keep getting better—and they...
Irate Caller

Dealing with Irate Callers: Providing Post-Call Support

In a previous blog post, I provided tips to help managers and team leaders prepare their frontline agents to handle irate callers. It’s also important to provide support for your agents after an irate...

Inside View: TCL North America

If you are unfamiliar with TCL (The Creative Life), you probably won’t be for long. Although the brand is a worldwide leader in TV sales, until recently, it remained relatively unknown in the United...
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